Chaat in Lucknow

This tasty and rich snack is an everyday snacking here in Lucknow. Also, most of the places this is easily available and one can always find a lot of people standing around street shops consuming chaat and golgappe, known here as ‘Paani ke batashe’. The Lucknow chaat has a refreshing and authentic taste which you would not find in other places. It is worthwhile and fulfilling whether you have it as Basket Chat in Royal Cafe, Shukla Chaat, Moti Mahal and the King of Chaat in front of the State bank of India building in Hazratganj.


This is a great place to get a taste of the Awadhi cuisines. The menu offers full range of authentic kebabs, Biryanis and curries. The mutton biryani they serve is worth ordering. The delectable flavour, aroma and texture of the dish fulfils a foodie’s soul. Also, vegetarian food is available here which goes with the theme of aroma, flavour and taste. Do come here if you want to experience open dining in Lucknow. Open from noon to 10.30 PM in the night. Dastarkhwan is located at the UP Press Club, China Bazar Gate which is in Hazratganj extremely close to the city center.

Idris ki Biryani

The nawabi patronage shows in the Biryani served in Lucknow. Biryani served here is of various types. This is where Idris ki Biryani earned its name, it is famous for its own authentic spin on the taste. When you order here you will find delicious meat chunks with beautifully cooked perfect long grain rice. The aroma and flavour will have you wanting for more. It is said that this biryani is a century old.

Prakash ki Kulfi

For people with a sweet tooth this is the perfect place. Prakash ki kulfi served with Faluda – which is a noodle like sweet and cold ‘sev’ that when served with the colder dense kulfi dessert creates for a heavenly eating experience, especially in the summer heat. The shop Prakash ki kulfi is a very old establishment in Aminabad. They only have one item on the menu and that is kulfi faluda. The iconic and flavourful taste makes up for a refreshing dessert. The yellow faluda serves as garnishing and also is a great addition to the faluda. 

Rahim’s Kulcha Nehari

Rahim’s kulcha nihari is a gem found in the Old Lucknow region of Chowk. This dish is famous as the breakfast staple of the people in Old Lucknow. The dish basically is tender meat cut into small pieces which are soaked in a marinated special spice mix. This marinated meat is then cooked overnight. Served with Kulcha bread which is baked in an earthen oven. This indeed feels like heaven for all non-veg enthusiasts.

Shri Lassi Corner

At Chowk, this place serves great vegetarian food. Try authentic vegetarian food served as breakfast until evening snack time. The Chole Bhature here are a must try. They can be a little spicy for some people’s taste buds but it's an authentic dish.

Soda Shikanji at Melhotra

This small shop behind the State bank building in Hazratganj, Lucknow. They serve mixed drinks with soda and soft drinks. They also serve sandwiches and other snacks. Great for a on the go snacking while you are own way to somewhere. Open from Mid-day to 10 in the night.

Tunday Kebabs

It is not only the impeccable taste that will haunt you for a long time after you leave the city but also the story attached to the food itself. It is said that the cook who made these Kebabs was disabled and hence used to cook with only one hand. The Local word for a man without an arm was ‘Tunda’ hence Tunday ke kebabs which was later shortened down to just Tunday Kebabs. The story goes that the then ruling Nawab Wajid Ali shah wanted kebabs which would melt once you put in your mouth, so he held a competition and the Tunday ke Kebabi was selected. He used secret recipe of Papaya and 100 secret spices and since the early 1900s these Kebabs have become the most iconic thing in Lucknow. There are many shops serving this kind of Kebab throughout the city. You must try the original and authentic shop for the actual mouth melting ‘Gelawati’ (melt in the mouth) Kebabs.